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IPST 1995

 REPORT ON IPST '95 by M. T. Correia de Barros

   The 1995 International Conference on Power Systems Transients, IPST '95,
   was held in Lisbon on September 3-7 1995.  The conference was hosted by
   Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST) of the Technical University of Lisbon.

   IPST was created with the goal of promoting the study of power systems
   transients by offering a platform of scientific and technical excellence
   for its presentation. As an open conference, it is intended to be a forum
   for the scientific community involved in all topics related to the study
   of transient phenomena in electric energy systems. This includes, but is
   not limited to, computer simulations, transient analyser studies and field

   A total of 96 papers were presented, in many fields of interest, as listed
   below.  Copies of the Conference Proceedings are available in the form of a
   563-page bound volume, at the price of 13,500 PTE (Portuguese Escudos), plus
   shipping by priority mail (1,450 PTE inside Portugal, 5,150 PTE elsewhere).

   A number of copies of the Proceedings from EPST '93, the First European
   Conference on Power Systems Transients, are also available at the price
   of 7,350 PTE per copy, plus shipping as above. The EPST '93 Conference
   Proceedings include 20 refereed papers and 19 non-refereed papers on
   similar topics (273 pages).

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